Indigo Custom Online Shops

Front-End Development, Interaction Design

The Indigo Online Wedding Shop shown on a macbook
The Indigo Comic Book Shop shown on a large iMac screen

The Wedding Shop features elegant animated champagne bubbles in the top header and the main banner image on the left. There is also an animated background on one block, and hover effects applied to the top nav.

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The Comic Book Shop was the project that sparked my interest in web animations, and I was able to animate a design that was already bold and exciting to begin with. I leaned heavily on Animate.css, and modified the animation timing based on user scroll and hover effects. It was so much fun.

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Colouring Books for adults are the latest trend, and I had the pleasure of bringing another design to life with animations. The top illustration gets coloured in from L-R on page load, while the elephant animates in on a loop. There's a parallax effect on the birds - they fly from L-R as the 3 mushrooms pop up bottom right.

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The Indigo Colouring Book Shop shown on a large iMac screen
The Indigo Mother's Day Shop shown on a large iMac screen

I'm proud of the Mother's Day shop not only because it's an elegant design with some subtle but effective hover effects and interactions - but also because of how clean it was built. By this time, I had learned how quickly designs can change at Indigo - last minute product changes, image swaps and updates were always to be expected. This shop was well planned before it was coded, and proved to be worth it when managing those changes.

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During my time at Indigo I also coded the Fitbit Shop, Heather's Picks, the Dinosaur Shop and countless others. I also provided site maintenance by scheduling pop-ups, promo change-overs and other support for the online merchandising staff.


I always welcome a new creative challenge and I love collaborating with people who are passionate about their work. I’m currently available for select projects and contracts.


    • Web design
    • Vector illustration
    • Speaking / teaching
    • Interaction design
    • Print design
    • Front-end development
    • Responsive design
    • Branding & visual identity