Casa Loma (Case Study)

Web Design, Branding & Visual Identity, Vector Illustration

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While I was in University, I worked as a tour guide during the summer. I frequently spoke with tourists about attractions all across Toronto - but when it came to Casa Loma I had a hard time finding information on their current site.

I recently took it upon myself to reimagine the site if it had a modern, elegant design to attract visitors. I had fun researching the design trends from the turn of the century (the era that the castle was built). I quickly fell in love with the "steampunk" aesthetic and designed the Casa Loma wordmark in that style.

Their current site has an image slider at the top with rich photography - although this is eye-catching, I think including their instagram photos is a nicer option, especially since their account is so active. The high-res photos would of course still be included in a gallery on a sub-page.

Casa Loma - turn of the century truck illustration
Modern Web Design concept for Casa Loma


I always welcome a new creative challenge and I love collaborating with people who are passionate about their work. I’m currently available for select projects and contracts.


    • Web design
    • Vector illustration
    • Speaking / teaching
    • Interaction design
    • Print design
    • Front-end development
    • Responsive design
    • Branding & visual identity