Nat Cooper

Creative Technologist - Toronto, Canada

Let's connect! I'm @natacoops on Twitter, CodePen, Medium, Dribbble, and LinkedIn. Or you can always email me.


Teachers Learning Code

Web Design, Print Design, Project Management

What started off as an idea called "code clubs" quickly grew into a new sub-brand for Ladies Learning Code specifically for educators. I came on board as their Creative Director in May 2016 and went to work on the design of the brand — including logos, colour and typography.

For me, the most exciting part of the project is designing the wireframes and mockups for the web platform. This is a web design exercise that ballooned into my first real UX challenge. I spent hours researching and testing interaction ideas, notifications and user flow and I'm looking forward to the second version of the site to be rolled out in spring 2017.

In addition to the web platform, I designed a 40-page interactive PDF, a bookmark, social media assets, infographics and various print material for marketing purposes.

Canada Learning Code

Web Design, Print Design, Front-End Development

Founded by Ladies Learning Code in 2016, Canada Learning Code is a big, bold new brand for a growing organization. Determining the right shade of red for the brand was key - we wanted a red that was bright, youthful, and bold. Clean, modern typography is used throughout, complimented by colourful vector illustrations.

As an added challenge unique to Canada Learning Code - everything needs to be presented in both English and French (merde!)

Designing and coding the web experience(s) was especially fun because of the opportunity to use web animation. To date, I've also designed social media assets, a 33-page PDF package, retractable banners and our mission / values statements as visual documents.

I Count for Nature
World Wildlife Foundation

Web Design

A project for another great cause, this web design opportunity gave me the chance to work closely with a Toronto-based digital studio, Up at Five, and the team at the World Wildlife Foundation headquarters in Toronto.

This initiative at WWF is called "Count For Nature" which highlights and encourages community involvement to engage in activities to help nature thrive. Included in the design are stories, articles and links to social media.

Lucky for me there were also beautiful stock videos to use in the header of the design, complimented with a count-down number overlay using the WWF font.

Ladies Learning Code
Annual Report 2016

Web Design, Print Design, Front-End Development, Illustration

Over the past year and a bit, Ladies Learning Code has provided me with incredible support and guidance. When I was given the opportunity to design the Annual Report, I had an idea to give back to the community that gives me so much.

LLC has over 75 people working part-time or volunteer with only a handful of lucky full-timers. I researched (creeped online) and illustrated a "paper doll" replica of each one of them and included them as the main feature of the report.

I also designed/coded the responsive site, designed social assets, avatars, a PDF guide, and infographics.

The Code Mobile

Web Design, Print Design, Front-End Development, Illustration, Brand Identity

This project ultimately lead to me dying my hair rainbow colours and travelling across half of Canada. But, let's start at the beginning.

The Code Mobile is a super-hero themed computer lab on wheels that travelled across Canada in Summer 2016, and I'm the lucky one who got to design it all AND teach kids to code across the country.

I designed (and coded) everything from the truck itself, the logo, the swag, the responsive website, signage, an 18-page PDF impact report, and more. A truly life-changing, memorable project - and it's still on the road teaching kids to code!