Nat Cooper

So here's my story...

Baby Nat

I was born the same time as the internet: 1989.

Thirteen years later, I traded in my babysitting money for my first computer. Of course, I still played with things like pencils and paper - but my favourite creative tools were my keyboard and mouse. Before I knew it, my neopets obsession was consuming hours of my teen life.

Nat graduating

I coded websites for fun in high school and also during my bachelor of fine arts in Theatre Production. In university I became proficient in AutoCAD and spent the bulk of my last two years designing “beautiful and stimulating” set designs. I’m proud of this one.

Nat as an analyst

After I graduated, I landed a job as an Analyst. I spent just over two years working in complex excel templates and making prioritization tools that are still being used today.

Nat as creative director

In 2014, I graduated from a coding bootcamp, assumed the title of Front-End Developer and landed a job coding online shops. This is around the time I discovered SVG animation.

Eventually, I began feeling limited and disinterested in most of the tasks involved in FED and decided to take on more design-related work. I started freelancing with Ladies Learning Code and in 2016 was given the title of Creative Director.

Nat teaching a girls learning code workshop

As their CD, I designed and coded many exciting initiatives and I also gained plenty of experience speaking and teaching people of all ages how to become creators of technology.

At the end of 2016, I founded the Creative Coding Club which now has a community size of 1500 people and growing.

Nat at Logojoy

In the summer of 2017, I landed a job on the product team at a young start-up in Toronto. Logojoy uses artificial intelligence to generate logos for small businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Along with other design, animation and leadership responsibilities, I had the pleasure of conceiving and illustrating the company mascot, a friendly designer robot named Dezi.

Nat at school

And at the end of 2017 I was grateful to participate in the first cohort of the Bridge School for Design program, where I received professional training in product design strategy part-time.

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